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Develop Talent and Capacity To Reach Your Goals

Continuous Learning = Growth & Excellence

World-class organizations know that investing in talent and organizational capacity is a key competitive differentiator. Does your organization have the capability that you need to achieve your strategy? Do you know what your capabilities are now, and what you need to move forward? How ready are your future leaders to perform at the next level?

PrimePoint’s training programs are designed to be experiential, with less emphasis on lecture, and more emphasis on shaping the attitude of participants through small and large group exercises, case studies, and other learning tools. In addition, we focus on giving individual learners support through discussion and participant reflection. Training programs can be offered in a variety of formats such as webinars, recorded programs for on-demand training, workshops, and multi-day training events.

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Leadership Development

Effective leadership begins with a new and powerful way of understanding yourself, your role as leader, and how to empower others in your organization. Current and potential leaders should be trained on processes, tools and techniques that can be utilized to grow and empower others. Individuals must also be given tools to continually self-reflect and develop leadership capabilities so that growth goes beyond the transactional, to the transformational. We offer the following training programs to develop leadership capabilities:

- Principles of Leadership
- Emotional Intelligence
- Ethics
- Conflict Management
- Leading and Managing Change
- Coaching Employees
- Understanding Employee Motivation and Impact on Organizational Performance
- Effective Performance Evaluations
- Presentation Skills

Organizational Excellence

Achieving organizational excellence can seem complicated and daunting. Organizational excellence results from the implementation of systematic processes that include planning, implementation, performance measurement, evaluation, risk management, and course corrections. What it takes to achieve organizational excellence will vary by organization depending on its environment, resources, and people. We provide a multitude of training programs designed to help address the most common factors of organizational excellence.

- Four Steps to Organizational Excellence
- Strategic Planning
- Logic Models
- Performance Measurement
- Group Dynamics
- Team-Building
- Conflict Management
- Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent
- Recruiting and Retaining Board Members
- Project Management
- Strategic Marketing
- Understanding Social Media

Keynote Presentations

PrimePoint CEO Elizabeth Burton has provided presentations at numerous international, national and state conferences on a variety of organizational development topics. Elizabeth is known for her energetic, interactive presentation style that has earned her rave reviews. Contact PrimePoint, LLC at if you are interested in having Elizabeth speak at your conference.

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