Consulting Services

Clients achieve significant performance improvement through strategic initiatives

Be the Change You Want to See

PrimePoint experts are dedicated to helping clients achieve significant performance improvement through strategic change initiatives that engage human potential. We provide high-leverage recommendations that can take your organization to the next level of efficiency and specialize in providing customized consulting services for your organization,

Change Management

Does your organization want to make a change? We work with leaders and staff, volunteers and boards to help plan and implement significant changes in their organizations such as work reorganization or development of a new business unit.

Group Problem Solving and Facilitation

Sometimes it really helps to have a facilitator keep the ball rolling. Our experienced facilitators can help you identify a key issue, gather information about it, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address the issue.

Team Development

Do you have a team or business unit that is critical to the business but may not be working well together? We can help you design and implement team charters, work processes, feedback mechanisms and performance reporting to ensure positive team dynamics.

Strategic Planning

Our experts have over 20 years of experience providing strategic direction for organizations, including designing and delivering strategic planning processes. Our comprehensive planning process is carried out over a 2-3 month timeframe. The planning process includes a review of organizational documents and previous results, focus groups/listening sessions with stakeholders, staff/member/volunteer surveys, and facilitated planning meetings. By gathering data from multiple sources, and through multiple methodologies, we identify valid strategic challenges and opportunities that impact the future of the organization. In doing so, we then help to design strategic goals and a work plan to ensure future success of the organization.

Strategic Marketing

Our team can help you plan your marketing efforts, map out marketing automation processes, and create social media strategies. Don’t have time for marketing? No problem. Our experienced team can help you conduct market research, identify new markets, create and launch email campaigns, develop and deploy newsletters, develop and manage social media content and write/post your blog.

Needs Assessment

Does your organization want to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your customers, beneficiaries or community members? We can help! Our team can develop and deploy surveys, hold listening sessions, and conduct focus groups to help you uncover the information you need.

Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment

If you are serious about getting a handle on your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and you want honest, credible feedback, then give us a call. We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment, identifying issues and problems, and then make recommendations for improvement. Let us help you build capacity. We look at a variety of factors that fall within these general parameters: leadership and management capacity; agility and adaptive capacity; financial and operational capacity; and, organizational results.

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